General Dentistry

Some of the most important dental procedures are also the most basic. Our team at Summer Dental can help you achieve excellent dental hygiene and oral health with general dentistry—this includes preventative treatment and routine care. Maintaining good oral hygiene can improve your overall health and can help you to avoid costly procedures in the future.

Our team is committed to providing you with the care you need to stay healthy. We will do our best to keep you comfortable during the process.

Dental Exams

One of the preventative care services we provide is dental exams. Exams help our team determine how to best help you maintain optimal oral health. Dr. Broadbent or another team member will clean your teeth and search for any dental issues, including gum disease and cavities. An x-ray may also be necessary to diagnose problems.

Our team will also discuss preventative measures you should take on a daily basis to preserve the health of your teeth. This can include brushing techniques, daily flossing, and healthy eating habits.

Routine Cleanings

In addition to an exam, our team will perform cleanings to help remove tartar and plaque. After checking your mouth and gums for gingivitis and other oral health issues, a member of our team will remove the plaque and tartar with a scaler.

After this, we will polish your teeth with a gritty paste to eliminate any tartar remaining after scaling. We then provide a professional flossing and complete your treatment with a fluoride rinse that will assist in preventing cavities from forming.

Even if you make an effort to brush and floss daily, it is important to get a professional cleaning for those hard-to-reach places and to eliminate any plaque buildup.

Get Your Dental Care from a Team Who Cares

We use the latest tools and technology to keep your mouth clean and protected from cavities and oral diseases. Our caring team at Summer Dental always has your best interest in mind. Come see us for general dentistry care to keep your mouth beautiful and healthy!