The Importance of Flossing

Take a moment and think about when you vacuum up dust and dirt. Instantly, your carpet becomes brighter, cleaner and refreshed. The same applies to your teeth when you floss! Flossing your teeth daily has significant benefits on your oral health. Spending a couple minutes a day to floss your teeth can save you from spending a fortune to fix your teeth.  

Why you should floss every day:

Besides the fact that flossing daily will save you time and money, there are a couple of physical benefits as well. Flossing improves your oral hygiene, which in turn improves your overall health. Did you know that flossing helps to protect your gums from gum disease, a disease that not only attacks your mouth, but has also been associated with heart disease? Flossing removes sticky bacteria known as plaque from your teeth that can lead to cavities. Plaque buildup can cause cavities to form quickly, but flossing is a great way way to prevent tooth decay and further damage to your pearly whites.  

Flossing also brightens up your smile by cleaning away bacteria that discolors your teeth. When we simply brush our teeth, we are not reaching the areas in between our teeth where unwanted food and plaque is trapped. Flossing helps to remove particles of food before it feeds the bacteria that causes tooth decay.  In the long run, flossing has many beneficial effects on your oral health and saves you from pain in your mouth and in your wallet. If you do not floss every day, we encourage you to start! If you have any flossing questions, our dentists at Summer Dental are here to help.

Here at Summer Dental, we want what is best for our patients, and that means good oral health! We would love to show you how flossing could save you time and money in the future! Call or text us today to schedule an appointment.