How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

Dentists receive certain questions repeatedly on a daily basis. One of the biggest questions that dental professionals regularly receive is: “how often should I visit the Dentist?” The answer to this question is dependent upon each individual person and the state of their oral health.

X-Rays, Cleanings And Checkups

The regularity and reoccurrence of dental checkups and exams are completely dependent on the state of the patient’s oral health. For instance, patients who maintain good oral health will usually return to complete their routine exam, x-rays and cleaning every six months, or twice a year. During these routine visits, precautionary x-rays will be taken in order to ensure there is no decay in the mouth that is not visible to the naked eye. Next, a teeth cleaning is done to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. The dentist will complete a thorough exam and advise the patient on how to best continue taking care of their oral health.

Patients who seem to develop decay in their teeth more than other patients, as well as those that are diagnosed with gum disease, are closely monitored to ensure that the decay or gum disease does not progress. These individuals are usually asked to return for regular exams and x-rays every three months. This is done for a number of reasons. The first reason is to periodically check to ensure the patient is maintaining their dental health at home. Secondly, to professionally remove any plaque and tartar buildup, and also to monitor the status of the patient’s gum disease.

Dental Work And Dental Prosthetics

In most cases, upon your first visit with your dentist, the dentist will design a comprehensive treatment plan for you. This treatment plan encompasses the entirety of the dental work that needs to be done. Depending on your treatment plan, at Summer Dental, we offer same day treatment. If the work you need is extensive, you may have to return to the office multiple times, usually over the course of a few months, to have treatment done.