5 Summer Tips for a Healthy Smile

Summer break is not a time to take a break on your oral health! Here are 5 tips to maintain a healthy smile this Summer:

  • Stay on routine
      • Summer can be busy and filled with fun, but make sure to brush your teeth at least twice daily. Keeping a routine to brush in the morning and evening will help you on your way to a healthy smile.
  • Choose Water
      • Keep hydrated this Summer and choose water. In order to keep your mouth moist and stop harmful bacterial from collecting on your teeth, it is a good idea to drink water. 
      • Choose water over any carbonated or sugary drinks. Carbonation breaks down the enamel on your teeth, leaving them defenseless to tooth decay and bacteria fed by the sugar in drinks. 
      • You can also drink tap water that has fluoride added to help build up and protect your teeth. 
  • Use a straw
      • If you enjoy a sugary drink every once in a while, try drinking it with a straw. Drinking with a straw limits the contact the sugary beverage has with your teeth. 
  • Drink quickly
    • When you enjoy a sugary drink, make sure to drink it relatively fast instead of sipping for a long time. Sipping on sugary beverages helps feed the harmful bacteria in your mouth that breaks down the enamel and leads to tooth decay. 
    • It is also important to limit the number of sugary drinks you consume. 
  • Dentist Appointments 
    • Make regular appointments to get your teeth cleaned and checked out. This will help you get the healthy smile you deserve. At Summer Dental, we recommend a dental check-up and cleaning every 6 months.

Here at Summer Dental, we want the very best for our patients. Our goal is to serve the community and give everyone the chance to have a smile they love! Come visit us this Summer for more tips and tricks to having a healthy smile. Call or text us to schedule your appointment!